What are the applications of Lemon essential oil

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  1. Lemon oil is antibacterial and is commonly used in cleaning products. It has a very refreshing and tangy scent that can heighten alertness and uplift any mood, making it a fan favourite.

    Various applications of Lemon essential oil include:


    Lemon has been linked to cleaning products for ages. Many cleaning products have an artificial lemon scent that has been added. However, lemon oil is very anti-bacterial and makes for a great disinfectant on its own, without all the nasty chemicals conventional cleaning products have.

    If you forget your clothes in the washer, add 4 drops lemon oil to a rinse cycle with just water and put clothes in dryer. The oil will get rid of any musty smell.

    FUNGAL SUPPORT                                              

    Fungal infections can be supported with essential oils. Since lemon oil has antibacterial properties, it can assist fungal infections or mould.


    Lemon oil is a great energizer. It can help to stimulate brain activity and in a study done in Japan, it was found that when lemon oil was diffused, employees made 54% fewer errors than those without the essential oil diffuser.


    Lemon can not only kill odor causing bacteria, it also smells very fresh and invigorating.

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