What are the benefits of ‘Mommy and Me classes’ in Preschool?


How ‘mommy and me’ classes of preschool can benefit toddlers and their mothers at the same time?

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  1. If we look through perspective of a teacher, handling a child of age 1-3 alone is quite a tough challenge when it comes to make them learn all essential stuffs which are indeed for them and taking care of itself too. Mommies trying to give their children all facilities while managing their time could find it difficult sometimes to provide them everything which is in requirement at that age. Moreover, surveys done on preschool shows that 4% to 6% of mommies try to delay their children from going to preschool.

    But for kids who have been in preschool, learn new things in enjoyable manner and prepare themselves to be more smart and face less challenges further than those who don’t attend preschool. It also give a sense of relief to parents because they have to put less efforts on their children when they let them to attend preschool.

    To face such challenges, in ‘Mommy and Me’ class in Manhattan Beach (https://www.growinggardenpreschool.com/classes/mommy-me/) is designed by preschools where teachers help children as well as their parents to establish a better bonding between each other while attending preschool activities together and parents get a chance to know their children’s inner talent properly.

    Morning routine gets tough for parents, especially for women who have to handle their children and their own work at the same time, they even barely get time to have their breakfast in the morning because they have to handle their children.

    There are loads of benefits provided by this program such as:
    • Setting time for parents and their child/children to play and develop strong bond.
    • It also helps mothers to have meeting and support one another.
    • It gives an opportunity to parents to learn parenting by sharing tips and thoughts of each other.
    Also, In ‘Mommy and Me’ classes, teachers try to help parents by setting up special nutritious breakfast for them, if they tend to skip it in the morning. In addition, this program also plans field trips and picnic at their local areas.

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