What are the best educational games for kids in the Google Play Store?

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    Education games have evolved over the years; they’ve gone from workbooks to online games but the learning’s and results are the same, some would say that online learning has proven to be even more effective. Let’s look at some of the best online games available today.

    Kids, today, are extremely tech-savvy. If you want to connect with them, you’ve got to find a digital way to do it. Similarly, if you want to engage them in any kind of educational or social learning, a digital solution will fetch you the best results. While textbooks and worksheets can do the trick in some ways, they can only get you so far. But social emotional learning activities for preschool and other educational games for 6 year olds, on the other hand, will grab their attention and ensure that the learning process is successful.

    We are in strange times, where regular lessons that used to happen in a classroom are now being taught online. But as things get back to the way they were, parents and students are heading back to the school day routine – school, homework, playtime, etc. And parents are looking for ways in which they can engage their kids in some after school cool math soccer. Here’s where the SKIDOS learning apps are going to come to the rescue. Let’s look at some of the benefits these games can offer kids.


    1. Engaging

    The SKIDOS learning apps teach children a number of educational concepts in engaging ways. These educational games for toddlers have amazing characters, animation, and sounds that make the child want to play them for hours. This means that the child is learning for hours. Every game has educational puzzles and mini-games that help children learn and practice various learning concepts.


    2. Varied Learning

    It’s not only about learning math or coding; these free learning apps for kids focus on all kinds of learning. While there are games that focus on logical reasoning and math, there are also educational games for kids that focus on social and emotional learning. Personal development, creativity, and kindness are some of the many lessons that a child will learn on the SKIDOS apps.


    3. Built for All Age Groups

    With worksheets and physical games, you’ve got to keep upgrading each year as your child gets older. Kids’ minds need to be challenged so you can’t rely on only the current activities; you’ve got to keep bringing in newer, more challenging games and activities for them. But with the SKIDOS learning apps, you can simply change the difficulty level when your child gets older. The games are created with many levels from basic to advanced so that kids of all age groups can benefit from them.

    Let’s look at some of the SKIDOS games that are most popular among kids and parents.


    1. Doctor Game

    Every kid, at some point, has been fascinated by doctors and wants to grow up to be one. Here’s a game for your toddlers and preschoolers that will allow them to be a doctor for a while. In the game, your child’s character is a doctor and there are all kinds of patients that they can treat. Right from taking x-rays and treating wounds to curing a cold and fixing cavities, your child can learn about the medical world. The game also teaches them the importance of being healthy along with medical terminologies that will help improve their vocabulary. And yes, your child can also brush up on their math with the many mini math games that pop up within this game.


    2. Bath

    As mentioned earlier, SKIDOS is not only about academics, we want kids to holistically grow socially and emotionally too. Personal hygiene is an important life lesson that parents want to get right from an early age. There’s never a wrong time to start teaching kids about personal hygiene. This game is a fun way to teach kids about good habits. Your child has to take care of the main character and ensure that they are clean and tidy. They will learn about brushing teeth, drawing a bath, folding their clothes, using the toilet, and even getting dressed up on their own. Your child will learn from this game and automatically replicate the same in their life, so your job gets a bit easier!

    At SKIDOS, we enjoy creating and developing new games for children that will benefit them academically, socially, intellectually, and emotionally. It’s important for kids to get a glimpse of all kinds of learning to help them cope in school and maintain a healthy social life. Explore the 40+ learning apps we offer and find out which one your child loves best.

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