What are the best immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi?


“Well, there are several immigration consultancy services that claim to help you in the immigration process for Canada PR. However, you must choose a registered, genuine, reliable, and experienced one. And NovusImmigration.net is the best and reliable consultancy for getting Canada PR.

Talking about genuine and registered and popular immigration consultancy, It is one such Immigration Advisory Company that is helping applicants to apply for Canadian PR visa over the years.

They use their vast experience to guide the visa applicants best way.

Here are the key benefits you get by applying through a Visa Consultancy Service: Understanding the Point-based CRS System, Express Entry Draws, Alternate Immigration Programs, and Documents gathering and visa filing. Then they will give your profile a preliminary review.

If you are passed through the preliminary review, you will be given a selection review which can take anywhere between 1 to 9 months to complete. Upon completion of these phases, you will be recommended to apply for a Canadian PR visa.”

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