What are the most widely used bolts in industries?

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    The J bolt: J bolts have a J shape and frequently have no heads. Typically, they are employed to hold objects that hang.

    Hex Bolt: Hex bolts have several applications, including fastening wood, steel, and other construction materials for projects like docks, bridges, paving, and buildings.

    Stud Bolt: The majority of the market is dominated by stud bolts, which are used in high pressure bolting situations for pipeline, drilling, and general industry for sealing and flange connections.

    U Bolt: U-bolts have historically been used to support pipework, which includes pipes used to transport fluids and gases. U-bolts were measured using pipe-work-specific technical jargon.

    Anchor Bolt: Connecting structural and non-structural components to concrete is done with anchor bolts. Anchor bolts (also known as fasteners) can be utilised to build the connection are steel plates and stiffeners.

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