What are the problems faced by Hindi medium students?


What are the problems faced by Hindi medium students?

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  1. The Hindi medium student faces a great ordeal in exams like IIT, UPSC, CAT, XAT and many
    others to pass with flying colours because of rich English content.

  2. English is undoubtedly controlling most of the syllabus and carries a lot of the heritage in the
    exam, unlike the Hindi language. This problem is predominantly faced by the lower-middle-class
    strata because of inability to afford the expensive English medium school.

  3. Growing inhibitions from using Hindi creates an unnecessary burden on its native speaker, which
    also leads to a sense of alienation and discontent.

  4. Nowadays, to clear any interview, candidates have to go through the interview process to crack
    any exam or job, which is seen as a big hurdle to their carrier.

  5. Students largely grapple with the conceptual chapters in Mathematics and Science.

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