What are the various factors that contribute to the formation of breast cysts?

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  1. One of the main contributing factors to breast cysts in women are hormone levels. Low progesterone and high estrogen can play a role in increasing both size and amount of milk producing glands. Sometimes these will form cysts. Another cause of cysts is the consumption of methylxanthines.Low iodine levels can lead to cyst development and is common in those who have hypothyroidism. Even wearing bras that may restrict circulation in some way offer contribution to the formation of cysts. Dietary sources of estrogens should be minimized. These foods are red meat, chicken and dairy products. Coffee, black tea, colas and chocolate contain methylxanthines and must be eliminated because they stimulate cyst formation.
    Reference: https://www.nationalnutrition.ca/articles/health-concerns/breast-health-fibroids/

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