What are the various features of the Online Travel Agency (OTA)?


What are the various features of the Online Travel Agency (OTA)?

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  1. Millennial travellers prefer an integrated platform that is both user-friendly and versatile, and available in different modes on a host of devices.
    Here are the key features that make Online Travel Agency a go-to business solution that makes it more relevant:
    All-inclusive Reservation Systems:
    An OTA website provides a one-stop solution for all travel-related bookings—domestic and international flights, hotels, transfers and buses, and other ground services. The advanced search engine enables a custom search.
    Secure Payment Portal:
    An absolute essential for an Online Travel Agency is to provide a secure online payment platform, which supports B2C and B2B services, where both client and travel operator can book a service based on individual needs.
    Real-time support:
    An interactive user-interface is ideal, that has several modes for real-time communication— chat and call option with agents for quotations, a chatbot for FAQs, a helpline for complaints, queries and feedback and more.
    Detailed description:
    Comparison is convenient, when there is a detailed visual and textual description for customers. Be it a clear view of the destination for hotel booking, or different specifications of vehicles for car rental reservations.
    Customized group bookings:
    As the purpose of travel varies from corporate outings to leisure and adventure, having an option for booking need-based group tours at the best price is essential.
    SEO friendly website:
    Most travellers are indecisive and prefer to get suggestions and options based on keywords.

    Informed decision-making through reviews:
    Customers can base their choice of a service based on the genuine reviews given by similar travellers. OTA platforms are also helpful to improve the short-comings of businesses with customer feedback, which is crucial and affects goodwill.

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