What do kids learn in preschool?


What can a child learn in El segundo preschool? what things it focuses on generally?

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  1. Preschool helps children to grow their social, intellectual, emotional as well as physical skills. They also learn cognitive skills like basic vocabularies and basic counting of mathematics but most importantly these skills will help your children to set up a life time knowledge.

    Although preschools focus on other development skills of children like their social, self-esteem, and thinking ability. “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” — Margaret Mead.
    Here are some typical but important learning phases of life, children go through during pre-schooling are
    Learn letters and their sound:
    At preschool, children will get to learn the pronunciation of all 26 alphabets, how each alphabets sounds and also learn to write them to have better command over alphabets before jumping onto learning words related to places, animals, birds, etc., along with other meaningful words like MOM, DAD and LOVED ONES NAME.
    Colors, Shapes, drawing and cutting:
    Preschool also helps children to learn to draw and recognize all shapes, making origami from colored papers and introduce them to variety of beautiful colors, which basically helps them to grow their creativity thinking and grow their creative knowledge beyond of one’s expectations.
    Number and Counting in Preschool:
    Counting is a totally different skill which comes with memorizing numbers often till children get familiar with its pronunciation and how does each digit sounds in a number. Preschool helps children to retain all these numbers for counting and further also make them learn basic methods of math.
    Socializing and Sharing:
    Socializing always have an important factor among humans not only for adults but for children too, preschool helps children to get social with each other and improve their communication skills.

    El segundo preschool of Manhattan (https://www.growinggardenpreschool.com/), provide children opportunity to learn things more sophisticatedly.

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