What do you understand by Retail Store Design?


Stores nowadays are both physical and digital. With the emerge of e-commerce, the footfall in physical stores is kind of affected. People are more into their comfort and they want to be too while shopping. Who doesn’t like ‘a retail store on hands’? The store layout is more eye-catchy with more effective UI and you’re just a ‘click away’ to make the shop. But what advantage a physical store have on an online store? The experience.

Physical retail stores proffer an in-hand experience of the products and then the brand builds relation with the customer to trigger the repeat purchase. For that, extravagant retail store designs are laid to provide the experience which retains for a longer period. The open spaces in a store have their own ‘experience talk’. The space speaks “literally” for itself. And the designers utilize it in the most effective way to narrate brands’ story to their TG.

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