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  1. From title searches for properties to dispute settlement, real estate attorneys handle it all. To determine whether the title is clear for development or sale, they must perform due diligence on the property. Then, based on the demands of their clients, they must provide title search reports or title search certifications. To achieve a fair and peaceful resolution for their customers, they also look into any outstanding mortgages and lawsuits involving the property. They provide their clients with advice on a range of property-related issues. They write memorandums of understanding, leases, leave and license documents, etc. They also manage conflicts involving land or property.

    Their customers include both individuals who are purchasing apartments and developers or promoters. Therefore, if you are a developer looking to acquire land to develop a property, you need to contact a real estate attorney. The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, Transfer of Property Act, Contracts Act, and state laws and regulations like the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, Development Control Rules, etc. are just a few of the numerous laws that apply to real estate. Real estate lawyers deal with these laws on a frequent basis. The transfers of property are governed by the Transfer of Property Act, which divides the property into transportable and immovable categories. Property can be given to a person, business, organization, or group of people. This statute oversees and regulates the transfer of properties between parties, thus a real estate lawyer must be well-versed in it. Check out here to know more about real estate attorney.

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