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  1. The Messer Cutting Systems developed ALFA Oxyfuel torch takes oxyfuel cutting to an entirely new level. The ALFA torch internalises many features that used to have to be on the outside of an oxyfuel torch, including height sensing and auto-ignition.

    The torch nozzle is changed without tools, eliminating the possibility of misaligning the torch, which drastically reduces set-up time. Once the cap is unscrewed, the nozzles are free and can be easily replaced or checked.

    There are no sensors to change for different thicknesses of material, and the ALFA torch is able to cut effectively right up to the edge of the plate. Slag, mill scale, and moisture have no effect on the height sensing of the ALFA torch.

    The magnetic height sensing is fully integrated into the torch with no external parts. Sensing ring and additional cables are no longer present, so there is no wear of the sensor and no need to change it for different material thicknesses. Better material utilisation through better sensing right up to the edge of the plate.

    The Sensomat ALFA height sensing is easy to use with a digital display of the current operating status.

    1. Totally integrated height sensing with no external parts
    2. Magnetic height sensing integrated into the torch
    3. No need for sensing ring or additional cables and thus no sensing rings to wear out
    4. No need to change sensing rings for different material thicknesses
    5. Able to sense right up to the very edge of the plate; giving optimum material utilization
    6. Slag, mill scale or moisture no longer have any negative effect on the height
    7. Digital display of the current operating status
    8. No need for tools to change nozzles
    9. Risk of misaligning the torch when changing nozzles is thus eliminated
    10. Drastically reduces set-up times

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