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  1. CILICANT is manufacturer of desiccants for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, dietary supplement, medical devices, healthcare Packaging industries. CILICANT desiccants increase the shelf life of the products.

    Desiccant Pouch

    CILICANT Desiccant Pouches are compact sachets packed with active sorbents designed to protect pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals from moisture-induced degradation. Each CILICANTFG desiccant pouch ensures product stability, efficacy and extends shelf life.

    Without proper moisture control in the packaging environment, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical efficacy can be severely compromised. Unbound moisture destabilises active ingredients by prompting premature enzyme activation or hydrolytic degradation. This can lead to a loss of potency resulting in adverse outcomes for manufacturers and consumers.

    The sorbents in CILICANT Desiccant Pouches limit the damaging effects of moisture ingress by active adsorption of all permeating free moisture. This ensures consistent levels of relative humidity in the headspace of the pharmaceutical packaging throughout the product’s lifecycle.

    CILICANT Desiccant Pouches can be safely used in direct contact with a wide range of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. All CILICANTFG Desiccant Pouches are manufactured in ISO 15378 cGMP facilities, adhering to stringent global standards. As such, they are compliant with Title 21 of the US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). They are tested in compliance with current USP 41 guidelines. CILICANTFG Desiccant Pouches also hold both a Type III DMF (Drug Master File) and a Health Canada Master File (MF).

    CILICANT Desiccant pouches consist of a variety of active sorbents including:
    • Molecular sieve (moisture control)
    • Silica Gel (moisture control)
    • Activated Carbon (odour control)
    • Custom blend (moisture and/or odour control)

    CILICANT desiccant pouches are available in the following configurations:
    • Pre-cut (0.5 g – 10 g) *
    • Strips (0.5 g – 3 g) *
    • Bags

    Features of the CILICANTFG Desiccant Pouch:
    • Active sorbents with highly efficient adsorption properties
    • Uses Dupont Tyvek® medical-grade packaging for high surface permeation. These are leak-proof, non-dusting as well as non-lint shedding, and microbial resistant.
    • Printed with food-safe, medical-grade ink, compliant with US FDA regulations
    • Compatible with high-speed, automatic packaging systems
    • Compliant with EU Regulation 2023/2006, 21 CFR Section 177.1520
    • Compliant with current USP 41 guidelines on auxiliary packaging components
    *We can also customise the pouch configurations
    For more info: https://www.cilicant.com/


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