What is fuzzy data matching?


What is data matching and how does it works?

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  1. In today’s world the growth of business is happening rapidly and business owners are getting more curious about spreading their business as much as possible. In this context it becomes important for them to look after increasing their market continuously and making link with more clients.

    And to make it happen business owners find ways to get best leads for their business profit through sales reps or sales team, who can make it work and who can provide them as much as better qualified leads in minimum time.

    To help such business owners, sites like LeadAngel have created software to rout leads for them, it uses its cutting-edge technology of fuzzy matching algorithm for fuzzy data matching (https://www.leadangel.com/fuzzy-match-algorithm/) and to filter out all unnecessary data from provided database and match each and every given data with given information before proceeding towards routing of those leads.

    It’s Fuzzy Data Matching provide rule and data dictionary to their clients to match company names by performing some settings like: Strict Matching, Moderate Matching and Lenient Matching which can be chosen by clients according to their conveniences.

    It also identifies data with certain parameters like:

    1. email and web domain matching,

    2. suffixes present in company names,

    3. geographically spelled words in name,

    4. Nicknames,

    and such other rules that are set and controlled by LeadAngel to provide clients organized and satisfactory results in shape of leads.

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