What is fuzzy matching? How does it work?


what is fuzzy matching algorithm and how business gets benefited by it?

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  1. As the term itself justifies you, ‘Fuzzy Matching’ means matching the appropriate data with database and ignoring the ones which is unmatchable to database. If we dive deeper into its meaning, Fuzzy Matching is a method or a technique that helps to identify elements of text, strings, or entries with database that are approximately similar but are not exactly the same. Before the procedure of lead routing to filter out better leads for business, software based on Fuzzy Matching Algorithm match the data with all information provided in database.

    It may looks simpler, but it’s a cumbersome method tho, like in database, data generally act as unique identifiers, which means while matching data, the database might rely on a certain information given related to business to look up in record.

    Through Fuzzy Matching Algorithm business can unleash almost all typos, and all kind of other information that they needed. It uses its unique algorithm to match names and information point by point.

    With Fuzzy matching algorithm software one can achieve quality leads with proper techniques and its accuracy is achieved by hundreds of rules related to matching and thousands of data points. Some of the following are areas which is measured by this software like:

    1. legal suffix

    2. special characters

    3. Acronyms

    4. popular names

    and many more, with LeadAngle’s Fuzzy Matching Algorithm software (https://www.leadangel.com/fuzzy-match-algorithm/), it provides you solutions related matching data of leads which produce fast and accurate matches as well as it is flexible for different needs of businesses.

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