What is PCD Pharma Franchise Marketing


PCD Pharma Companies are the Pharma Companies engaged in Manufacturing & trading WHO-DCGI Molecules through appointing Independent Distributors in a particular area on monopoly basis instead of hiring MR or Sales person. PCD Pharma Companies offers a good margin, promotional support, ready to sell products to Pharma Professionals interested to setup their own small scale Business. These Pharma Professionals visit the Doctors Chamber on the behalf of PCD Pharma Franchise Company  & share the statutory information of Molecules.

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  1. PCD Pharma franchise is a official approval granted by Pharmaceutical Company to their pharma distributors or individual, The term PCD in pharmaceutical industry means propaganda cum distribution, pharma company means, a company which has its own products manufacturing facility. Check our the link to know more in details: https://www.pharmafranchiseeindia.com/pharma-pcd-companies/

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