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  1. Circulatory problems are not a diagnosis on their own, but they are a symptom of a few potentially dangerous conditions, and should be taken seriously! When an individual states they have circulatory problems, they are generally referring to the cardiovascular system and its distribution of blood throughout the body. However, the circulatory system can also refer to the lymphatic system and its circulation of recycled blood plasma (or lymph) from the interstitial fluid (or fluid between the cells). These two systems collectively make up the circulatory system.


    Numbness of tingling in the extremities
    Weakness or atrophy of the calf muscles
    Cold in the hands and feet (this is usually a change from the individual’s normal)
    Hair loss over lower leg/ankles and tops of the feet
    Intermittent claudication – arm or leg pain/cramping that occurs with exercise and subsides or decreases with rest.
    Pain at rest – in worsening conditions, the pain continues during rest. Usually effects feet first.
    Painful ulcers or gangrene can occur after prolonged and severe ischemia due to lack of blood flow. Typically seen in feet/toes first.
    Upon examination, there will be reduced pulses in the dorsalis pedis and/or posterior tibial areas.

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