What is Prostate Health and what are the Nutrients needed for prostate health?

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  1. The prostate is the organ responsible for producing the fluid part of seminal emissions, helping to control the flow of urine, and for the contractions that cause weak intercourse. It’s no wonder that when a man has a concern with his prostate that it can be troublesome.

    Prostate problems occur when the gland becomes infected or swollen. Infection can occur directly in the prostate or it can be a complication of a urinary tract infection. The most common prostate condition is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It occurs in men over the age of fifty (but can occur earlier) due to hormonal imbalances, heredity, poor diet, nutrient deficiencies or high cholesterol. The growth of malignant or benign tumours can also cause prostate swelling. It is important to have your prostate monitored by your doctor. Your PSA level (prostate specific antigen) can indicate the degree of enlargement; it can also indicate whether or not you are at risk for cancer. Make at least yearly appointments past age forty for this test.

    Nutrients needed for prostate health include zinc (a deficiency has been linked to prostate conditions), lycopene (an antioxidant that helps to protect the prostate from free radical damage), Essential Fats (needed for normal hormone production and controlling inflammation) and also B vitamins and the amino acids Glycine, Alanine, and glutamic acid. See the table below for specific doses.

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