What is the best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2020?


Cryptocurrencies are one of prominent trading tool, that continue to attract more and more investor every year. Cryptocurrency market has seen a huge growth from 2013. There are now there are more than 5000+ types of cryptocurrencies to choose from. The major reason of this popularity is the use of advance technology – Blockchain technology which is the base of all these cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is the next big technology and so investing is cryptocurrencies promises higher return.

Now, to identify the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2020, one needs to be clear regarding the purpose of investment, duration, platforms, the transparency and of course the liquidity rate of the chosen currency. Another important factor is one needs to analyst the future ROI depending on the past performance of the currency. Since Crypto currency can be bought in afractional system it makes the currency even more affordable and it is the best optionfor those who are beginning to learn about cryptocurrency.

Based on all the above considerations, there are two major cryptocurrencies that have stood the test of the time

  1. Bitcoins: When we talk about cryptocurrency it is hard to ignore bitcoin as it continues to dominate markets even now. Bitcoin is the first ever cryptocurrency and since then no currency could match. As it has gained a lot of trust and with more popularity the investors will benefit the most due to high liquidity levels. Hence investing in bitcoin is a bit expensive butit is more feasible.
  2. WhiteBitcoins: The advance variant of bitcoin – White bitcoin that provide similar benefits also are actually are priced lower than thetraditional bitcoins. Whitebitcoins (WBTC) is one of the options you should consider as it offer high liquidity to thecryptocurrency ecosystem, they are safer and are rising as one of the most promising currencies.

The pioneers of cryptocurrency bitcoinswill be the favorites and the emerging currencies like WhiteBitcoins will be exciting andthey will be the safe option for investors and traders who are beginning their journeys in thedigital space.

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