What is the best time to feed a dog?

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    More modest dogs ought to eat twice a day, while bigger ones might be fine eating just once a day. This is on the grounds that more modest pets have harder digestive systems and struggle to control their glucose levels. Thus, going an entire day without food can cause their glucose to get excessively low.

    In any case, even huge canines would probably really like to eat twice a day whenever given the decision. Supper time is invigorating and gives them something to anticipate. That gives structure to their day, regardless of whether they wolf down their kibble quickly.

    While there is no best time, with most home-trained pets that eat twice a day, it is ideal to take care of them at the beginning of the day when you get up and again when you return home from work in the early evening. Many veterinarians also recommend the same if the pet owners are busy working people.

    Along with the owners’ ease, this gives the pets an opportunity to process their food and go outside to potty before you need to leave for the afternoon or go to sleep. In many cases, the dogs might also need an extra meal or snack if they have played a lot, are recovering from any disease, or the weather is quite warm and active for their metabolism. Check out K9 Rocks to know more about Pets.

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