What is the best way to increase traffic on website through social media?


You have heard social media is a popular way for businesses to engage with their target audiences. Some small business owners who use social media consider it important for their business. Why? So how can you use social media to help your business? You can start driving traffic to your website. Below I’ll sharing some points.

Getting Started with Social Media for Business:

If you are using the world of social media for business, you might assume the only options you have are the giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. There are other options you can use for example:

  • Pinterest – to share visual content, like images and infographics from your blog
  • Reddit – to prove your knowledge in an industry, and engage with a dedicated community
  • Tumblr – to create a multimedia diary to support your main website
  • Google+ – to share content on Google’s own platform
  • Snapchat – to document behind-the-scenes of your business through video

But with so many platforms, how do you decide which is the best platform to focus on?

Follow your customers and The Importance of Targets:

The main focus of your social media activity should be goals and metrics. Whatever your goal is, stick to it and refer back to it regularly. Visit us for web development company New Zealand.

How to Drive Website Traffic Through Social Media:

  1. Fill in your profile:

What’s the first thing people see when they click your social media pages? That is Your profile!

Mention all necessity information like Twitter bio, Facebook About section or LinkedIn company page, your profile shows visitors information about your business.

  1. Promote your blog content:

You are giving more effort into writing content for your blog, and want the world to see your latest post. And you know only few people have feasted their eyes on it. Whatever the content you are posting, this should be informative, you have to share these contents on your social media pages. This will engage more users on your websites.

You can also repost your blog posts to get more use out of them. Options include:

  • Quoting different snippets of your article
  • Asking your target audience questions that are relevant to the post
  • Varying your choice of images
  • Changing the headline of your article every 2-3 months

Promoting your content that you are posting with a variety of messages will keep your feed fresh and attract your target audience to your website.

  1. Make your content easy to share:

You have to focus on how you can share your content easily and also focus on that they are sharing your content or not. Seeing that they’ve shared it with their friends and others.

  1. Post when your audience is active:

There is no effect to share anything on social media, if people are not online, because they cannot react on your post and cannot share your content. If your target audience is not online to see it then this will be useless and you cannot drive more traffic. Focus on what is the best time to post on social media is when your target audience is most active – their “peak time.”

  1. Focus on sharing visual content:

Stop potential site visitors from doing the same by sharing visual content that they are focusing. Add elements like: Graphs, Infographics, GIFs, Videos, Photos, Animations. These will make your audience automatically more likely to click your social update, and share it themselves! You can use fancy graphics, on visual content sharing platforms such as Visualy , Flickr, and Pinterest. If each post includes your website’s URL, you’re set to see in social traffic.

  1. Engage with your audience:

Social media is the best platform and unique in that you can engage directly with your target audience. You can answer questions and get feedback in real-time, and improve the experience people have with your brand. Engaging your audience is also an effective way to drive traffic to your website – and improve your audience’s opinion of your company.

1: Participate in Twitter chats.

2: Respond on tweets and comments mentioning you and your business.

3: Search for relevant hashtags and spark conversations.

4: Contribute to relevant forums.

  1. Optimize your calls-to-action:

You can daily optimize and increase how many clicks your social media shares receive by using calls-to-action in your post. Calls-to-action tell a user exactly what you want them to offer. Add call to action like Click Here, Read More, Visit Our Site, Buy Now.

  1. Test paid social advertising:

Social advertising is an effective way to reach people who haven’t yet heard of your brand or website. Visit us for web design company New Zealand.

You can use social media campaign it will give you more traffic with their interest. Optimize your campaign for Link Clicks and Engagement. By using calls-to-action in your campaign. You can get biggest source of referral traffic.


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