What is the best way to write American essay?


An American essay is taking the basic format of the Introduction, the body, and the conclusion. With this organization, it becomes easy for you to write the entire essay pegging on the topic that you have chosen. So, worry not, for you are not going to venture into something new, even though there is a catch.
Uniqueness of the American essays
The only unique aspect about the American essays is that you must take a stand on the topic at hand. Simply put, you are going to write an opinionated or an argumentative piece, instead of combining many perspectives. That is the major distinguishing factor of this piece.
To answer the question of how to write an American essay, consider the following tips.
Choose a topic
Always choose a topic that you can handle. Go for a topic that you are sure of how to approach and by extension get sources for. This puts you in a better position to write something worthwhile and striking, based on the evidence that you present
Introduce the topic to the reader and use captivating words to hook your audience. Make it general to enable the reader to understand, and then end with a thesis statement
Thesis statement
Your essay must express your stance on the topic. You must give believable points that are substantiated using credible sources and references. You must be a good researcher for if you are writing an American essay. It should appear at the end of your introduction.
The body
This is where you discuss the topic and support your major idea with credible arguments. Every point should take its own paragraph and should connect to the major idea of your American essay. Ensure you use transition from one paragraph to the next.
Bring together the major points to your essay. Ensure you refer to your thesis statement to leave the audience with a sense of closure. Do not introduce new ideas at the conclusion.

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