What is the difference between a laptop and an iPad?


What is the difference between a laptop and an iPad?

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  1. The maximum storage competence of an iPad is 128GB, whereas a laptop capacity starts
    from 128GB, with a faster processor, more RAM.

  2. A laptop operates on the window, whereas an iPad runs on Apples IOS software. The former one
    is more accommodating and adapting to perform any function which is otherwise not possible in the
    latter one.

  3. An iPad is easily transferable besides manageable on the other hand a laptop is quite fussy and

  4. A laptop is highly recommended for doing office work, to use heavy software, iPad is more useful
    for reading, movie streaming, and for light software.

  5. An iPad is more user-friendly as it is not much technical to use, unlike laptops. Its prices
    commence from 25k, on the other hand, a good laptop can be found under20k.

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