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    we are dedicated to good governance, accountability, and transparency. In the past twelve years, there has been a notable increase in the demand for information among citizens due to rising levels of knowledge.
    The number of requests and appeals made to CPIOs and AAs has decreased, and rejection of the “requested information” has continuously showed a downward trend. We have been working to improve voluntary disclosure in accordance with Section 4(1)(b) of the Act Suo Moto disclosure so that the information seeker receives the requested information without even submitting an RTI application. We must take the initiative to proactively release material into the public domain for use by the general audience.
    At first, we established a single window by designating a single CPIO and Appellate Authority.
    Since the RTI Act went into effect in 2005, it has developed into a useful piece of legislation that gives citizens of this nation access to the information they need to ensure transparency in all spheres of public life. In addition, CGM (Mktg. Corporate) has been designated as the transparency officer for the purpose of effectively implementing the RTI Act’s provisions.

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