What is Zyoptix LASIK & Zyoptix HD?


Zyoptix is essentially a personalized Laser eye surgery procedure. Where standard or traditional LASIK is able to correct only the sphere and cylindrical power, Zyoptix technology allow the surgeon to go a step further and correct minor irregularities called Higher Order Aberrations which are unique to your eyes. This not only improves the Quantity but also the QUALITY OF VISION. Vinayak Netralaya is one of the best centre for lasik surgery with Best Lasik Doctor and Surgeon in Indore.

Now enjoy something New that is ‘Zyoptix HD’ Most Advanced technology for best Quality of vision Ask your doctor ‘Zyoptix HD’

Vinayak Hospital – A Super Specialty Eye Hospital in Indore, providing eye care services of national standards is situated in Indore. It is an NABH- National Board of Hospitals & Healthcare Providers accredited hospital with a vision to become the premier eye care organisation by achieving excellence in patient care through latest medical technology and quality health care services. Eyes are among the most sensitive organs in the body, and therefore they need the best possible care in a top-quality environment and under the supervision of expert ophthalmologists. At Vinayak Hospital, all services related to Eye care which includes outpatient & Inpatient services, Diagnostics, Laboratory, Opticals & Pharmacy are available under one roof.

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