What’s difference between web scraping and data mining?


Although, there are many similarities between these words, but still they are different. Here, we will break each term and describe them.
Data Mining:
Data mining is the technique of exploring patterns in datasets that will include various machine learning technologies. In this technique, data is fetched in multiple formats and is used for different purposes.
The main aim of data mining is to receive information from various websites and convert it into a comprehensible structure for further use.
There are several aspects of this technique, which include pre-processing, inference consideration, complexity consideration, and data management.
Data mining will include several steps to make sense of the data. These steps include:
· Data pre-processing
· Model and Interference considerations
· Complexity considerations
· Data visualization
· Post-processing of the data.
Web scraping:
Web scraping knew as web extraction or data collection is the method of extracting the data from desired web pages. Scraping tools and applications use hypertext transfer protocol, accessing the World Wide Web, gathers the information, and fetches according to your requirement. The information gets stored in a central database or is downloaded for further use.
Web scraping includes few basic steps:
· The bot visits a certain page.
· The bot extracts all or parts of the data on that page.
· The bot fetches the data.
· The bot parses the data.
· The bot copies the data into the database, the cloud, or another format.
We can conclude that web scraping services are used to extract the information and data mining is used to analyze the data.

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