Which abortion option is right for me?


Abortion options available to you will depend on your gestational age. Calculate how far along you are in your pregnancy using our Pregnancy calculator, and then you can decide the most appropriate method. You will also need to consider your country’s legislation and availability of this method, your budget and your personal preferences. Visit our Abortion with pills vs. Manual vacuum aspiration abortion page or our Surgical abortion page to learn more about these methods. Contact counselors at https://safe2choose.org/.

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    The choice between an in-clinic abortion method and medication abortion depends on three main factors –


    The gestation period of the pregnancy (calculated from the first day of the last period cycle)

    The discretion of the doctor post medical examination of the patient. 

    The concerned party’s/parties’ choice based on personal preference. 


    Medical abortion is a time-sensitive process and cannot be carried out after 5 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, or for patients who are allergic to any of the ingredients in the abortion pills. In such cases, people have no choice but to go for an in-clinic abortion process. Vacuum aspiration (suction abortion) can be done up to 14 weeks and Dilation and Evacuation method (D&E) is generally done in the second trimester. Medication abortion is a non-invasive method and the in-clinic method is a faster process. This can be your deciding factor. Visit: https://www.safemtpkit.com/product/mifepristone-and-misoprostol-kit-online


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