Which APIs are required for Online Travel Software?


Which APIs are required for Online Travel Software?

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  1. Travel APIs are a set of integrated web services that access diverse data sources and provide links to different online travel agencies. Apart from providing a gratifying experience to the online customers, these APIs connect the IT systems of travel companies to the travel service providers.

    It automates the entire airline/hotel search and booking procedure for potential customers.

    A range of APIs required for online travel software that you should know about are –

    These collect relevant travel data from different sources and provide links to customers. Online travel agencies use GDS APIs to enable reservations of airlines, hotels, rental cars, ferries, trains, cruises, etc. for them. It thus facilitates multiple travel service providers to connect and interact at one API, providing a rich experience to the customers in the most cost-effective manner.

    Flight API
    These are integrated APIs of popular airlines that form a centralized GDS for travel agencies for accessing all flight-related services. It consolidates all the flight services on one platform and helps customers customize flight bookings and crack the best price deal for flight reservations.

    Hotel API
    It is a web service that provides online assistance to customers in searching and booking hotels. The interface provides detailed and specific information such as images of rooms, room types, rates, location, facilities, etc. It also encompasses the cancellations of hotel bookings and refunds/charges related to it.

    Car Rental API
    This API offers the best deals relating to booking a hired car for commuting purposes. Customers get to choose from a wide array of options on the car brand, type of vehicle, accessories, etc.

    Thus, travel APIs designed for flights, hotels, and car rentals are the most commonly offered online travel software by travel service providers to offer the best travel deals to customers.

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