Which are all-time iconic movies of Indian cinema?


Which are all-time iconic movies of Indian cinema?

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  1. Guru Dutt’s ‘Pyassa’ is one of the stellar movie of the golden age in Hindi cinema, a
    beautiful fable dealt with the daunting experience of a writer rejected both by publication house and
    his lover who later sought resort to a prostitute.

  2. India's official entry for Oscar, ‘Village Rockstar’ by Rima Das is a movie about the ambition of a
    girl to realise her dream when everything was against her.

  3. ‘Lagaan’ is another beautiful movie of a remote village which struggled with high taxes and

  4. ‘Mother India’ is one of the evergreen movies of all time, about the indefatigable attitude of

  5. ‘3 idiots’, a brilliant mélange of content and commerce, and a critical remark on the education

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