Which is the best MBA College in Bangalore?


A management degree in real is not just a degree but an aid to help one successfully scale-up businesses, whether they are employed or they become entrepreneurs.

The ability to effectively manage needless to say comes by experience, but a degree from a university or college which focuses on holistic development giving industry knowledge through experts and field study is extremely crucial.

To help students understand their true potential and for steady career growth, it is important to be in the best B School. Below is the list of some of the best B –Schools in South India, in terms of curriculum and placement.

IIM – Bangalore
ISB- Hyderabad
IIM – Kozhikode
Great Lakes Institutes –Chennai
Regional College of Management- Bangalore
TA Pai Management Institute- Manipal
Loyola Institute of Business Administration- Chennai
Symbiosis Institute Business of Management-Bangalore
IIM – Tiruchirapalli
Alliance School of Business- Bangalore

Evaluating a college in terms of the curriculum, industry exposure, appropriately mapped assignments, placement is important when choosing the right B-School.

Be wise and choose right!

Good luck!






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