Which type of baby carrier is best?

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    If you have just had a baby, a baby carrier can be an excellent way to carry your baby around wherever you go. Find below a list of the baby carriers that will be best suited for your babies:

    Baby carrier overall: These are similar to backpacks you can carry with babies on the front or back. This does not limit the baby’s hip development, keeps them comfortable, and protects their hips. These are very adjustable and available in a variety of sizes.

    Baby carrier wrap or baby sling: A baby sling, also known as a baby carrier, is often made of soft textiles that drape around the infant’s chest. They offer support and comfort for the infant while allowing the caregiver to go about their daily duties with their hands-free.

    Ring sling carrier: Baby carriers made of the woven wrap are known as ring slings. The rings are sewed into a solid, supporting shoulder that is comforting for both the baby and the parents.

    Soft structured baby carrier: These carriers are worn like a backpack, with belts over the shoulders and a padded holding pack that can be carried on the front or back. These are often made for older babies; however, you can also wear them for younger babies to keep them in the proper position. Check out here to know more about Skin to skin baby carrier.

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