Who do i talk to about college admissions?


When it comes to college admissions, there are a few key people with whom you need to connect with. You can start at your own school which surely has its own department that handles matters concerning college admissions. You can speak to staff and ask about the partnerships and ties it has with colleges and universities and see if they have connections with universities, you’re interested in applying for.


Another great way to acquaint yourself with the college application process is to visit the universities you are interested in. You can speak directly with the admissions officer of that school and discuss matters concerning admissions, programs offered, and other important information.


You can also take advantage of college fairs which are great if you want to know about several universities, even the ones that are not included in your list of dream schools. You can visit several booths and ask for brochures. Plus, you can also directly speak with the representatives and get answers right away.


You can also speak with an admissions consulting specialist from http://www.quantumprep.com.hk/ who can provide you expert guidance on the ins and outs of college admissions and all processes you need to go through.


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