who is best wedding planner in lucknow?


We try to keep our planning as flexible as possible to rain-check all the aspects and to be ready for all possible end-minute changes that we may have to make. Use our planning checklist, read our budgeting tips, and access our wedding planner in lucknow to help you pull it all together. Over the following few weeks, our team of event planners based in Lucknow gets into interacting with the clients to shortlist all possible venues available or the particular dates and also allow a flow of ideas from both ends of the chain to let our clients know that they too are a part of the process.  Based on this on the approximate number of guests, our choice of venues gets an even better clarity.

We also encourage our clients to choose the ideal, potential wedding dates so as to check with their important guests to avoid clashes. Deciding on what type of entertainment is desired is what we suggest our clients next. A pianist for the cocktail hour, strolling violinists, a DJ or band.

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