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  1. Making vital minutes across all angles. Considering arranging a marriage at an exotic location by the first class Wedding Planner in Jim Corbett, that is precisely exact thing The Floral Knot is widely known for. We are the biggest Event Organizer in Uttarakhand. It’s been over 10 years since we are serving in the cordiality business. In 2022, we have expanded our administrations for marriages at an exotic location across various urban areas in India with centered occasion the board.


    Our Services are as per the following:

    1. Arranging and Management:

    Your wedding is the greatest day of your life. This day ought to be devoted to you and to your loved ones. Try not to allow your most significant day to get obscured in overseeing and dealing with enhancements, cooking, arranging and coordinating. Go through your greatest day with your loves ones, and permit us to administrate and control each and every part of your wedding.


    1. Choosing the Venue Location:

    The Floral Knot can help you with choosing the fantasy area for your picturesque marriage. We have restricted with more than 800+ lodgings, resorts, royal residences in various urban communities of the country. Whether you are searching for the lovely wedding function on the ocean front or on the Himalayas, We are the ones that can get you the best arrangement, best case scenario, costs.


    1. Amusement and Sourcing Celebrity Performers:

    The manner in which exotic marriages are being coordinated is continued to change with the time. The Floral Knot is related with the skilled entertainers that can make your wedding much more extraordinary. We will source out new ability to give you the most consistent experience on your greatest day.


    1. Providing food and Menu Selection:

    Our group will totally include to help you out during the time spent choosing the ideal menu.

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