Why am I struggling to concentrate when I work from home?


I recently started working from home and I know exactly what you mean. I just get brain fog all the time and can’t concentrate. For me, it’s not that there are any distractions. I live alone and I keep my phone turned off while I’m working. I decided to investigate why I struggle to concentrate recently. What I found out fascinated me and it might be relevant to you. Basically, I realized my home was full of pollutants.

This was mostly caused by mold so I just hired a mold removal company. After that, I found I had much more energy and a heightened level of focus. So you may want to think about cleaning your home air or improving your ventilation. I really recommend you just give it a go and see if it helps. To clean your air for a more productive work environment, visit this website: https://allstarmoldremoval.com/location

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