Why are immigrants leaving Canada?


“One of the common reasons why immigrant leaves Canada is due to the high cause of living. Everything is actually costly in Canada. Unlike many parts of the world, living a comfortable life in Canada comes at a greater cost than usual. Buying a house in cosmopolitan cities like Toronto, Vancouver is now much a dream to many folks like me.

However, It’s not common seeing new immigrants leaving Canada, but it happens sometimes. Most of the time, these people leave Canada because they can’t afford a big change or they are not willing to learn and adapt to the new life. Unfortunately, I have a few friends who decided to leave Canada, and most of them already had a permanent residency.

Many immigrants feel lonely, disconnected, and even depressed because of this very reason. They find it really difficult to adjust to the new lifestyle and culture in Canada and have trouble making friends or acquaintances in the area.” So for more reason, check out more @ novusimmigration.net.

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