why farming app dehaat is best farmers application?


To tackle all the problems that a farmer face, Farming App has been launched by DeHaat which provides all the end to end solutions related to farming. Through the Agriculture App, the farmers can get the input materials delivered at their doorsteps, and also they have multiple options to choose among the best. they can get the soil testing certificates which helps them in determining which nutrient is deficit and excess in the soil and then applying the fertilizer applications to the field. They can also avail the crop[ loan and facilities to meet their needs in a distress situation. In last they can sell their produce at reasonable prices. All the facilities at single platform make the Farmers Application unique.

the best thing is that DeHaat centers are located in the rural areas at a radius of every 4-5 km which is very helpful for the farmers. Download the Agriculture  app and enjoy the services through the app.

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