why farming app is dehaat?


The current scenario in India is unpredictable due to COVID -19. Markets are not yet fully operational. Almost all the sectors have been affected severely. But the Agriculture sector has not yet impacted much. But still, they are facing the problems of getting the inputs and to sell their produce.

To tackle the problems related to the farming community Farming App has been created to provide all the end to end services related to the farmers. The input material could be delivered at their doorsteps and they also have the choice to choose among the best alternate. The farmers can get their soil tested and can get the soil testing certificates which will help them in determining which nutrient their soil is lacking and then deciding the fertilizer applications to the field. They can also avail of the crop loan facilities and crop insurance which might fulfill their needs in distress situations.

In last they can also sell their produce at reasonable prices after getting the information about the crop prices from the nearest market. The best thing is that the farmers can avail the services smoothly because the DeHaat center is spread in the rural areas in radius of every 4-5 km. which is monitored by the nodal agencies located in the respective districts. All the facilities available at a single platform makes the Farming App unique.

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