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    The thing about starting a business in foreign countries in this day and age is that it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it was in years past.

    Yes, there are still foreign regulations, taxes, and policies to navigate but thanks to technology and the free flow of information through the internet, these requirements are now easier to find and understand.

    Just because you own a small company in the US or the UK does not mean that you have to think locally. You can easily expand and make your company a global brand. Although the challenges exist, the potential rewards far outweigh any impediments that you might come across.

    Here are a few excellent reasons why you might consider going global:

    You will diversify your markets and capture new customer bases

    Going global could easily extend the sales life of your current products. Whatever product you have already established in your home country could very well be the next hot thing in a foreign land

    You greatly reduce your dependence on your local market and spread the risk globally

    It will teach you new methods of doing business, show you how to compete in more competitive markets and allow you to grow as a brand

    It will allow you to better weather seasonal fluctuations. For example, if you have a product that sells very well in the winter and it is summer in your country, you could easily sell it in other countries that will be experiencing winter during that same period

    But before you consider starting a business in a different country, you need to do your research. Find out what kind of cultural differences might make that market averse to your brand and products. Find out what kind of policies the government has against your particular brand of business and see if there is a viable potential for your business.

    That is why we have compiled this list for you today; to show you which countries are the best in the world to start a business and which ones just don’t hold that much promise at the moment.

    The Netherlands

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