Why use a Crane Radio Remote Control?


Why use a radio remote control in industrial crane

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  1. Why use a Crane Radio Remote Controls?


    While using cranes and heavy machinery, the safety of equipment and personnel is always at risk. Radio remote controls serve as a best solution to overcome this problem.

    Radio Remote Controls are used in manufacturing, construction and many more industries. EOT Crane control panel are mainly used for to control the cranes. Using this technology, the operator can control the crane easily and avoid accident by using wireless remote control crane.

    With a crane radio remote Control, an operator can get the possible line of sight when handling heavy equipment. They can operate a crane anywhere. Traditional working method involved risk to operate a crane, But EOT crane control panel increase efficiency and productivity also bring down the costs.

    The remote control crane is originally wired, so the operator needs to be away from a short distance, but crane wireless remote control, the operator can control or manage a crane anywhere in the world. Anand Systems Engineering has introduced Customized and Standard radio remote control for cranes, with increase machine handling capability. 

    EOT cranes from Anand systems are built with industrial grade quality to enable a safety and productivity. With Anand Control, operators can work longer with high safety and operates a crane easily.

    Here’s why industrial crane remote control system stand out.

    The Best radio remote control for EOT cranes is manufactured by Anand Systems Engineering Pvt Ltd. It is very reliable and can be adapted to any crane.

    • Improves operator safety

    A remote control crane safely positions the operator at a safe distance away from the moving parts or equipment, dirt, or falling debris, giving them the best lookout.

    ·        Security

    In comparison with wireless network, wired connections are more secure because we can access that network through our physical connection cable. Whereas with wireless networks anyone can hack the connection because WI-FI is broadcasted. Therefore, if the network is a configuration, we need to configure it with security applications and firewalls.

    • The emergency stop button

    To avoid the risky situation in workplace, to off the switch is quite complicated.  There are instances where there are machine failures, an emergency stop button acts as a failsafe. It helps to stop all operations instantly in case of any emergency.

    ·        Mobility

    Operator can move crane from one place to another, while accessing the network. Wireless network offers the flexibility to the operator without any disruption.


    wireless remote control for overhead crane and EOT cranes are the future for industries, and they help revamp the complete work process and maintain steadiness and rapidity that deliver all day long.

    Any workplace wants improving productivity and safety. Anand Systems Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is mainly focused on improving the productivity and safety of customer.

    Anand Systems is crane remote control manufacturers which gives you all the advantages in a single product range. You can buy a Radio remote control from Anand Systems Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

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