Will a generic risk assessment be sufficient to determine a workplace’s level of compliance to the most recent COVID-19 regulations? Or should there be a specialised assessment for COVID-19 compliance?


Risk assessments are an integral part of any business or entity that employs workers. A risk assessment generally covers three main aspects: the hazards in the workplace, the risk levels of these hazards on employees and others, and the steps that can be taken to eliminate or manage these hazards and risks. 
With the COVID-19 pandemic comes questions concerning the sufficiency of a generic risk assessment to determine whether a business is equipped to handle the demands of ensuring the health and safety of workers. The HSE recommends a specific and detailed risk assessment for COVID-19 compliance that reflects the most recent regulations and guidelines of your country or region—and that means a generic risk assessment might not be enough. 
The good news is you can hire Compton’s CDM Consultant Lincolnshire to conduct a thorough risk assessment and determine your business’s compliance with COVID-19 regulations. Their extensive knowledge of CDM 2015 regulations will help you ensure that your workplace meets all health and safety requirements throughout your construction project. Click here to get started. 

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