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Which are the most important subjects for UPSC Exam?

Which are the most important subjects for UPSC Exam?

Which are the most important subjects for UPSC Exam?

History Topics for IAS

History of India is one of the largest sections in the IAS syllabus. The number of questions in IAS prelims and main exam is relatively less. Though the number is less, the UPSC can surprise any year with the increase in numbers in the IAS question paper. The important topic is based on the previous year’s trend and recent discoveries.
Modern history is the most important section of the IAS prelims exam. The following topics will be very important for the IAS prelims 2020.

History of Galway Valley
Dholavira excavation and the related discoveries
Government of India Act 1935
All the events occurred in the years 1919 and 1920.
All the events related to Mahatma Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru
The Round Table Conferences – I, II, and III. (III is most important)
Poona Pact
Jaliawalan Bagh Tragedy
Civil Disobedience Movement
Cabinet Mission Plan
Quit India Movement
The Social movements in Modern India
The Formation of the Indian National Congress, the Democratic Socialist Party, and the local parties
The chronology of events leading to the Indian Independence
National Leaders related to the National Movement
Liberal Viceroys of India
The list given above is not exhaustive. We will amend it as we come across other important topics for the IAS exam 2022.

Indian Polity Topics for IAS

The Indian Polity section is the favorite section of the UPSC because a good number of questions have been asked every year and the question seems very easy and direct but the close analysis of the question provides the insight that the question was difficult. It is suggested to read twice the Indian Polity questions then only mark the answers. The important topics for the India Polity section are as follows.

New Agriculture Laws are essential for long-pending Agricultural reforms
All India orientation of CBI investigation
Implications of J & K reorganization Act, 2019
Difference between Cabinet Minister and Minister with Independent Charge
Prime Minister as the Residuary Legatee
Article related to the Land Boundaries and their redrawing
Articles related to the Citizenship of India
Citizenship Act
Fundamental Rights
Fundamental Duties
Articles related to the Supreme Court of India
Articles related to the Emergency Provisions in India
Article related to the Union-State relations with social emphasis on Article 256, 356
National Security Act
Essential Commodities Act
Important SC Judgements related to Fundamental Rights and Basic Structure Doctrine
Panchayati Raj Institutions
Lokpal Institution
NITI Aayog functioning.

Geography Topics for IAS

The geography topics are very important because geography is a science-based subject and various candidates found it difficult to prepare. There are a good number of questions from the physical geography of India and the world. World geography has very fewer questions in the IAS question paper. The important topics are as follows.

The increasing frequency of Cyclone
Bihar and Assam Floods
Flood and the Indian preparations across the state
The naming convention of cyclones
Physical Features along Indo-China Border
Geo-Magnetic Field and its significance
Cyclone Amphan & Cyclone Nisarga
Formation of Himalaya and structure of Himalayas, Importance of Himalayas
Physical Geography of India
The drainage system in India
Monsoon pattern in India
Rock System in India
Formation of Rocks
Recent Census figures

Economy Topics for UPSC IAS

Indian Economy topics are more oriented towards current events. The candidates need to prepare the current economic events occurring in India and the world. The candidates need to understand the Indian Economic Structure and its interaction with the world.

Role of RBI in post-COVID-19 recovery
Recovery of Indian Economy after the pandemic
FATF Review of Indian Economy Pushed to 2021
IMF projection and Indian Economy
Garib Kalyan Rozgar Abhiyaan
Zoram Food Park, Mizoram
Google to invest 75000 Crore in India
National Infrastructure Pipeline
Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund
What is Negative Growth?
Deflation and Recession
Indian Economic Structure
The primary, secondary and tertiary producers
Agriculture in India
Banking Structure of India (Recent Bank Mergers)
RBI Mandate and its functioning
REPO rate, Reverse Repo Rate, Marginal Standing Facility, Bank Rate
Crypto-currency and issues related to it ( Recently Supreme Court gave an order related to it).

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