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Which company is best in installing domestic hard water treatment in Chennai?

Talking about Chennai, the two things that come to our mind is water..its quantity and quality, and mosquitoes… We can’t do much about mosquitoes, since it has become a nationwide issue. We can’t do much about water quantity as well since it depends on many factors like rainfall, water storage effectiveness, and so on. But there is something we can do about the quality of water in Chennai. We can install hard water treatment plants in our homes to solve the problem. But first, what makes water hard? Let us know more about that.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is an industrial terminology for water that has a large amount of mineral content like calcium and magnesium. This makes it unfit for consumption. Though hard water does not pose a threat to our health, it causes other difficulties in our daily activities.

· It causes tough stains on the floor and walls of the bathroom.

· Soaps do not lather much in hard water.

· It corrodes pipes.

· Taps and showers get clogged frequently.

· Washing clothes in hard water makes them less durable and look dull.

What is Hard Water Treatment?

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium ions. The more these ions are dissolved, the harder the water becomes. One of the efficient ways to make the hard water soft and consumable is to make the hard water undergo a process called ion exchange. In ion-exchange, the calcium and magnesium ions are grouped by small beads called cation resin which contains sodium ions. The calcium and magnesium ions in the water are replaced with the sodium ions from the resin. This process is called water softening, in other words, hard water treatment. When the resin does not have any more sodium ions, the regeneration is done by adding a ‘common salt’ solution.

Domestic hard water treatment plant in Chennai

If you are on the lookout for a hard water treatment plant in Chennai for your independent house, we, Chennai Aqua Pure Solutions Pvt. Ltd., can provide a customized solution for your need. We are specialists in domestic hard water treatment plants in Chennai. We aim at providing efficient and affordable services to our customers.

Take away

Living in Chennai doesn’t mean that you have to bear with the hard water and its disturbing effects. Just install a hard water treatment plant at your house and make it “100% hard water-free” at a very affordable price.

Water treatment is the process of purifying water that flows out of water bodies and making it usable and pottable. This process contains physical, chemical, and biological treatments done at many levels. These treatments separate harsh chemical compounds, microbes, and other harmful substances from the water. Processes like sedimentation, filtration, desalination, etc., take place throughout the process. The end product is potable and clean water.

· Pre-treatment stage

Before the water treatment begins, the large solid fragments like plastics, cloth, wood, etc. are fished out of it by processes like sedimentation and clarification.

· Primary stage

The smaller floating particles are made to settle and the water is separated from these sediments. Then, the ph control treatment takes place. The ph of the water is neutralized by adding chemical coagulants and flocculants.

· Secondary stage

This stage involves removing organic and inorganic compounds as well as microbes like bacteria from the water. This biological treatment happens aerobically that is in the presence of oxygen and anaerobically that is in the absence of oxygen.

· Advanced stage

The water undergoes one final purification which removes any remaining organic and inorganic compounds, microbes, and other chemical substances before it is reused. The water that comes out of this stage is clean potable water.

Chennai Aqua Pure Systems Pvt. Ltd., offers international standard water treatment plants in Chennai. They also specialize in other products like Effluent Treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, Reverse Osmosis plants (RO plants), etc. For more details, visit

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