How should I prepare for a trip to Kenting?

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    There is a lot you can do to prepare. I recommend you start with the basic stuff. You know, figure out the visa process, make sure your information is updated, learn about the local customs, tourist traps, taboos, rules you should follow, etc. Learning a few words of Mandarin and downloading apps to help you communicate is also a good idea.

    Early on it’s also a good idea to start comparing prices and making reservations. How much you’ll have to spend on your accommodation while in Kenting, for example, can vary wildly depending on the season and on how soon you make a reservation, as this guide shows.

    Beyond that, you’ll want to prepare in a way that will help you get the most out of your trip. Kenting’s main draw is its nature tours and amazing vistas. You’ll get more of them if you are fit enough to walk for long hours, and if you pack comfortable shoes. Learning how to snorkel is also a good idea, as there are plenty of beautiful coral reefs to explore in the area.

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