What is the function of Amylase in the digstive system?

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  1. One of the three major categories of digestive enzymes in the human body are amylases. Amylase is produced by the pancreas and released into the small intestine during digestion. It is also produced in our saliva so some food can begin to be broken down in our mouths. In general, amylase is an enzyme that catalyzes the breakdown of starch into simple sugars. It is these sugar subunits that can be absorbed by the lining of our gut and passed into the bloodstream.

    Amylase is an enzyme that breaks the bonds between each sugar subunit in a starch chain. The resulting simple sugar subunits are then absorbed into our blood stream and used by the cells in our body for energy. Amylase is first exposed to our food via the saliva in our mouths. Because of this, it is important to chew your food well to allow full exposure to amylase prior to swallowing. This digestion of starch to sugar in the mouth is what makes starches taste more and more sweet the longer you chew.

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