What is the process to immigrate to Canada?

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    The following are some of the most effective immigration procedures:

    Some people who want immigration to Canada do so after receiving job offers there, following which they apply for a work visa, and then finally based on that visa.

    A Canadian business must first get a job offer before submitting an LMIA through Service Canada. After the LMIA has been approved, the candidate must submit a work visa application.

    Unquestionably, using the Express Entry System is one of the easiest and fastest ways to immigrate to Canada.

    It is simple to apply for permanent residency from anywhere in the world thanks to its online application process, which takes an average of 6 months for visa applications.

    However, the immigration procedure to Canada is determined by the particular immigration scheme to which the applicant has applied. You can get in touch with Novus Immigration and ask them for more details.

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