What’s the difference between a wedge anchor bolt and a sleeve anchor bolt?

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    Wedge anchor bolts and sleeve anchor bolts are both types of mechanical anchors used to secure objects to concrete, masonry, or other materials. However, they operate differently and are suited for different applications. Here are the key differences between them:


    • Wedge Anchors: Best for heavy-duty applications in solid concrete, offering high load-bearing capacity and strength. They expand a wedge to create a tight fit.
    • Sleeve Anchors: More versatile and suitable for a variety of materials (concrete, brick, block), used in medium to heavy-duty applications. They use a sleeve expansion mechanism to secure the anchor.

    Choosing between them depends on the specific requirements of the application, including the type of material being anchored into and the load requirements. Look no farther than Delta Fitt Inc, a top Anchor Bolts Manufacturer in India! Contact us now to learn why we are the go-to choice for all of your stud bolt needs. For inquiries, please contact their sales team at [email protected]

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