Why does a steam turbine have more efficiency than a gas turbine?

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    There are a few reasons why steam turbines are more efficient than gas turbines.

    Steam turbines can operate at high temperatures. The maximum temperature at which a gas turbine can operate is limited by the materials it is made of. Steam turbines, on the other hand, can operate at higher temperatures, allowing more energy to be extracted from the fuel.

    Steam turbines can expand the working fluid over a wide range of pressure ratios. This means they can extract more energy from the working fluid, resulting in greater efficiency.

    Steam turbines are highly efficient in converting thermal energy into mechanical energy. This is because steam is a more efficient working fluid than the air used in gas turbines. As a result of these factors, steam turbines can achieve efficiencies of up to 40%, while gas turbines typically have an efficiency of 30%. Steam turbines are generally more efficient than gas turbines. For more information, contact NCON Turbines.

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