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Add Your Business Listing Free – Fashion and Clothing Business in New Zealand

Add Your Business Listing Free – Fashion and Clothing Business in New Zealand

Get Right Fashion Designing Institute in New Zealand

Fashion designing is one of the most in-demand courses in New Zealand. Every day, more and more new institutes are jumping on to the fashion course bandwagon. Currently, there are world-class institutes in New Zealand is offering top class courses, like Auckland University of Technology, Ara Institute of Canterbury, Massey University, etc., which are providing high in demand courses dealing in Fashion & Clothing Businesses in New Zealand.

As of today, fashion designing courses are offered at the Bachelors’ and the Masters’ level. Currently, there are very few institutes providing Doctoral programs related to Fashion and Clothing Businesses in Christchurch. The reason is that very little research is being done in the field of fashion designing. For PhD. programs, students have to go abroad invariably. In order, to select the top-class fashion designing institute in New Zealand, there are certain tips, which must be followed by the students, which are given below.

1) The institute must be fully accredited and recognized.

For selecting any institute be it public or private, this is the first basic criteria, like being accredited by the eminent body, like New Zealand School of Art and Fashion Limited. This is the benchmark of quality and industry recognition, which gives the students a certain standard while choosing the college. This will help students immensely, in getting placed, or starting their Fashion & Clothing Businesses in Auckland. New Zealand School of Art and Fashion Limited is known internationally, as the leading statutory body globally.

2) The courses or programs offered.

Before joining the college, students must know what kind of programs, the institute is providing. Candidates must know thoroughly, what is the curriculum, the type of course, whether it is a Bachelors’, Masters, diploma, short-term courses, etc. The curriculum must be in tune with the latest industry requirement and must include both theoretical and practical knowledge. Without practical skills, students can’t get placed. The fashion design courses must consist of national or local design trends, but also trends in Europe and the United States and also Asia. There should be a holistic approach to fashion design standards, which are the latest.

3) Global affiliations

Since the fashion industry in New Zealand, is global and follows the trend worldwide, the institute, which candidates select must have a global affiliation. For example, the Bachelor’s degree program offered at Massey University must be considered equal to that of the degree program offered by that of the University of Milan, in fashion. Since, costumes and clothes made by Kiwi fashion designers, will be worn by global models and also displayed in leading global fashion shows like Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, etc. So, the credentials must have global recognition.

4) The institute’s reputation

Since many institutes are opening daily, and there have been a plethora of colleges opening up in recent times, candidates are advised to scrutinize the reputation of the institute very carefully, before taking admission. One way, by which this can be done is by taking the help of colleagues, asking family members and friends. Candidates must always ask the students, who are studying in that college, or those, who have previously graduated. The reputation of the college can be verified from creditable agencies over the internet and careful checking their ranking.

5) Optimal fee structure

The institute, which the students select must have an optimum fee structure, which must not be either very high or very low. Candidates must avoid choosing colleges, which have a very low fee structure, for saving a few dollars. Since good faculty and good lab facilities cost money, so all good institutes have a decent fee structure. There should be no hidden fees or extra charges. Always remember ‘Quality for the price’, which holds good for all fields even in the field of fashion. The college which the candidates selected must have exchange programs, with other international institutes, and must have visited by all the leading models and faculty worldwide.

6) The staff must be highly qualified and trained.

This is another very important criteria, which candidates cannot ignore while choosing their favorite institute. All the staff must be highly qualified and trained and must have leading qualifications. For example, in universities, they must hold Doctorate Degrees. At Auckland University, all the faculty hold PhDs from highly top colleges in Europe and the USA. Besides, the faculty must be highly experienced, with several years of teaching experience in their field, if possible, in leading institutes abroad.

Final words

New Zealand is a small country and always suffers from a drain of precious talent to many nations, where there are a lot many opportunities like the UK, France, Italy, the USA, etc.

In this article, readers will get to know all the tips as to how to select the best fashion designing institute in New Zealand.

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