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Advantages of Using an Independent Car Garage Instead of a Dealership

Advantages of Using an Independent Car Garage Instead of a Dealership

A car’s performance on the road is determined by its mechanical condition. To ensure a smooth ride and to extend the life of a car, the owner should always schedule regular servicing and repairs. The main reason for this procedure is to ensure that any mechanical anomalies are detected and corrected before they cause harm. Residents of Reading and the surrounding areas have a variety of options for car repairs in Reading.

Many Autos Ltd’s affiliations with one of the largest networks of independent traders enable us to offer a comprehensive range of mechanical and cosmetic car repairs in Reading for the convenience of our expanding customer base.

Nobody does it better than our professional team as the ultimate one-stop-shop for all things automotive. Car repairs in Reading, are an important part of our business at Many Autos Ltd as we are serving our local community.
Benefits of onsite car repairs

What are the most important factors to consider when looking for reliable car repairs in Reading? Of course, there are a number of factors to consider, such as the mechanic’s or garage’s reputation, experience, and customer service. When you locate a car repair garage, it is your responsibility to transport your vehicle there. In most cases nowadays, garages do offer a free collection and delivery service from the comfort of your home or place of work. is your go-to source for mechanical car repairs in Reading.

Car repairs Reading during Covid-19 in UK – 2021

Since 2020, Many Autos Ltd has also implemented Covid-safe ways of working and operating. These include no contact when handing over cars and wiping down all cars before any work begins and again afterward before returning the car to its rightful owner.

Top-rated garages for car repairs Reading

Top 3 Car Garages in Reading, UK, as recommended by experts. All of our car garages go through a 50-point inspection, which includes local reviews, history, business standards, ratings, satisfaction, trust, price, and trading excellence. The best of the best and Many Autos Ltd is on the list. Click on the following link to read why we are rated in the top 3

According to a recent survey, more than 70% of UK motorists prefer to have their car serviced at an independent garage rather than a dealership. Participants listed the advantages of each option, and the survey discovered that motorists preferred independent businesses due to cost, service, and staff.

Reasons to use an independent service when your car breaks down:

The costs – Independent car garages like Many Autos Ltd are known for offering lower prices and better deals on car repairs in Reading than dealership garages.

Local businesses should be supported – This response was given by a large number of survey respondents as their reason for choosing an independent car garage. Motorists frequently prefer to do business with smaller, independently-run businesses rather than large corporations where minor repairs have little impact on profits.

A customized service – When you choose an independent car garage like Many Autos Ltd for your maintenance needs, you will find that your service is more bespoke and tailored to your specific needs. Because major car dealerships are extremely busy and see a large number of customers, they are unlikely to provide you with this level of personalized attention.

Staff that is friendlier – Many Autos Ltd is committed to assisting our community and upholding our family values. We will make you feel at ease whether you are a regular customer or bringing your car in for one-time car repairs in Reading.

You will not be charged for items that you do not require – One of the problems that motorists face when visiting major dealerships is that they are frequently convinced that certain parts or repairs are required when they are not. Main dealership mechanics are specially trained to upsell, whereas independent garages like Many Autos Ltd simply advise you on what you require.

Conveniently located – Main car dealerships are rarely close to your home. You may have to travel to the next town or city center. Independent car garages are frequently found locally which is convenient, making them ideal for when you require car repairs in Reading quickly and without having to travel far. Many Autos Ltd also offers a free collection and delivery service to all its customers who complete a booking.

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